Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

I simply could not believe this was a debut novel for author Karen Witemeyer. I would have assumed from the smooth-as-dressmaker's-silk prose and the finely crafted characters with their compelling conflict shooting sparks between them, that this was a novel from somewhere in the middle of an illustrious career.

Jericho "JT" Tucker couldn't be more gruff or imposing when Hannah Richards comes to town holding the lease to the shop he wanted. And to make matters worse, she has designs on opening a fine dressmaker's shop--the last thing on earth he believes the town needs. She's sure to fill the simple gals with ideas and create discontent with her highfalutin styles and fancy fabrics.

He hasn't counted on her generosity and sincere kind-heartedness, or her work ethic. Or the way her beauty weaves around his heart and drags him like a roped calf, making him go out of his way with gifts and acts of kindnesses for her.

The first third of this had me laughing out loud--and I can't say many (or any) books have ever done that to me. The middle made me fall in love with Hannah and Jericho, hoping they could get past their stubborn independence to embrace their growing attraction to each other. And the last third had me biting my nails in suspense, when an unexpected element threatens to end their dreams of a happily ever after.

This book has it all--lovable, memorable characters, beautiful writing, a message that affirms the virtue of visual aesthetics, and a romance that I felt from my tingling fingertips to my swelling heart.

Bravo, Ms. Witemeyer. I hope for many more to come from you.


  1. Great review. And so love that cover. I want one like that.

  2. Thanks Tina! I hope I win one of your In the Manor of the Ghost, so I can post a review here soon. :)

    The cover for AT-MB is lovely, isn't it? And funny, when you look closely. Note the position of the hero's boot. LOL

  3. Love the cover and book sounds like a great one. Can't wait to read.

  4. I can't wait to read AT-MB. It's next on my tbr list. It sounds like a lot of fun! And I love the cover, too. That alone tells you the book is going to be a fun read.

  5. Gosh, I hope I knock it out of the park like Karen did with her debut novel. I love books that make me laugh out loud. Thanks for this great review, Kathleen!

  6. Thank you so much, Sharon. I'm sure yours will be every bit as good. Can't wait to read it. When is it due?

  7. Kathleen,
    I just read this book and loved it! It was unique and had such an interesting slant-
    I can't wait till her next one comes out. Yes, it was hard to believe it was her first novel...