Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surrender the Night by MaryLu Tyndall

The second book in the Surrender to Destiny series, Surrender the Night reads among the best of Christian historical romance. Set in Baltimore during the War of 1812, the story's drama lifts off the page with invading British looking to pillage and plunder nearby farming villages. The unsuspecting heroine, Rose McGuire, tends her farm pets as the alarm bells sound and the menace draws dangerously near.
Alexander Reed, Second Lieutenant for her Majesty's Royal Navy, accompanies his First Lieutenant on a mission inland. He must choose whether to obey wicked orders or his conscience when the mission turns into an assault on an innocent civilian--the lovely and terrified young Rose McGuire. Alex defends Rose and takes a bullet his leg. Rose must overcome her terror and loathing of the British by whom she has suffered greatly, in order to tend Alex. By saving his life as he saved hers, she risks detection by those who would hang both of them.
Tyndall creates two endearing and sympathetic characters foist into uncommon circumstances, and the natural attraction which grows between them charges the book with as much tension as the ongoing war and imminent British invasion. While Alex must choose where his loyalties lie, Rose must overcome her past terrors and learn to trust both God and men again. Their obstacles are as imposing as the titanic force mustered against the fledgling country, and I was turning pages to see how either the romance or the American country would survive.
The dynamic climax of the book swept me away with the awe and power of Providence at work on our nation's behalf. Tyndall writes a gripping and factual account of events one would almost have to suspend belief to take in were they not historically true. It is a book not to be missed--a true classic of the genre.