Friday, November 5, 2010

The Master's Wall by Sandi Rog--Emergency Update

The Master's Wall officially debuted this first week of November. For a proud new author who has waited for so long to show off her baby to the world, this should be a very exciting and happy time. Normally it is. All things being equal, it would be, except when something else happens out of the blue that is so huge and catastrophic that it takes breath away.

On November 2, the day when Sandi was supposed to celebrate her new release, she found out that there is a tumor in her brain. Her biopsy today revealed that the form of cancer is very aggressive. She needs the writing community's support.

Having gotten to know Sandi this past year on various writing loops, I have learned how tenacious and resilient she is. She's a fighter. She's battled MS during this past year, and probably years prior to that. She's overcome setbacks and disappointments like any writer. And she's earned the respect and admiration of all who know her for her generosity of spirit and go-out-of-her-way kindness, not to mention professionalism. In short, she's the kind of friend everyone loves to have, writer, or not.

She sounded very upbeat on her last Facebook post and on the email loops. She is confident that the Lord is with her and will fight for her. She has even been gracious enough to thank all those praying for her, and they are an army of prayer warriors, to be sure. But this leaves her no time to spread the word about her wonderful ancient Rome historical novel.

Here's where you can help. Either order it for your own reading pleasure, for a Christmas present for someone else, or help spread the word about this great book and its wonderful author. Here are a couple of links where it can be found:
You could also write a note on Facebook to encourage Sandi and tell her you are praying. Let's help Sandi fight this thing so she can get back to her keyboard and share her gift with the world for many books to come.

Thanks, everyone!

And a big hug to you, Sandi. We love you! Get well soon.