Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review for Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon

Miralee Ferrell has captured my undying loyalty with her suspenseful plot of intrigue, romance, and redemption in Summerside's Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon. From its beautiful cover art to its extremely surprising ending, this book drew me right into the Northwest logging town at the turn of the century and into the hearts of her characters.

The prologue sets conflict in motion as Margaret Garvey's well-meaning father sabotages her impending marriage to Nathaniel Cooper, making her think Nathaniel has left her without a word. Fast forward four years, and Mr. Garvey is on his deathbed, but expires before he can confess.

Enter handsome and faithful Andrew Browning, the young man Mr. Garvey had asked to look after Margaret before he died. Andrew's polite overtures leave Margaret wondering if he is merely fulfilling an obligation to her, or if he feels a personal connection. When Nathaniel comes back to Bridal Veil, she has enough emotions to sort through, but her life is about to become even more complicated with the arrival of a run-away brother and sister, and the coinciding murder of a neighbor.

Can she protect these orphans from accusations against them? Will she choose the right man? And will a secret buried in a box for four years tear apart her trust in men? The questions build in intensity as twist after turn kept me riding a logging flume of suspense to find out whodunnit, who wins the girl, and what is to become of the children. The last few pages had the most surprising and redemptive ending I have yet to read in fiction.

Ferrell creates a story that will captivate and transport to a story world full of sensory imagery, adventure and emotion and leave the reader with a deeply satisfying message of God's provision.


  1. 弱者困於環境,智者利用環境~~加油!.........................

  2. This is the next book on my read list. It sounds like a I'll have another good book to curl up with. Thanks for the review Kathy.