Friday, April 24, 2009

The Rich and Needy

My very dear friend, Payton Belknap wrote a poem I'd like to share with you.

Lettter To The Rich and Needy ( alias, unsolicited food stamp police)
To all the interested people,
who peek in my cart,
to check out my meat,
and stab at my heart.
You may never have been poor,
but you're certainly needy.
If greed were nutritious,
I'd beg you to feed me!
Your pockets are full,
cupboards overflowing,
and if the market keeps crashing,
you'll soon be knowing,
just how we feel,
let's keep this real....
Your babies will cry,
their tummies will ache,
you'll search your accounts,
and pray for mistakes,
but it will all be gone....
and you'll need the help.
And someone like you once were, will police your cart,
and break your heart.
You'll hang your head and silently cry,
and wish that you never had pride in your eyes,
but it will be too late,
for you the rich and needy!!

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